A Rock Band Fights for Free Speech at the Supreme Court and Wins; SCOTUS Rules Part of Lanham Act Violates the First Amendment

This is case about a rock band, a dubious and inflammatory stage name, and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).   It's also a matter of free speech, and the concept that speech - including offensive speech - is Constitutionally protected.  There are a lot of hot button issues in this case.  

The rock band?  The Oregon based, self styled "Chinatown dance rock" band The Slants

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Lucasfilm Alleges Copyright Infringement by Lightsaber Academy

When you are the owner of one of the most valuable film franchises in history, you have to take steps to protect your intellectual property ("IP").  Lucasfilm certainly can't be faulted for that.  

Lucasfilm has filed suit in federal court in California to enforce its rights against a school calling itself the Lightsaber Academy, which advertises that it teaches the "Art of Lightsaber Combat", and various instructor certifications for a fee.   Thus, the Lightsaber Academy people look like they are engaging in a commercial activity while utilizing the words "Jedi" and "Lightsaber". 

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