The Marching & Pageantry Arts

The Marching & Pageantry Arts is a term that includes a lot of different organizations: high school and college marching bands, indoor drumlines and guard ensembles, independent performing ensembles that perform in the WGI circuit, as well as DCA and DCI drum corps.  For anyone that knows this world, you know it is a unique space unto itself that you really have to experience to understand.  

In addition to my law practice, I have remained active as a percussion instructor at the high school level.  I've been a musician for over 30 years, and I am an alumni of the Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps (1989-1993).   I know this world well from the standpoint of being a member, an instructor, a fundraiser, a member of a Board of Directors and have seen these issues from all sides. 

Recently, the legal landscape has continued to shift and affect the MPA community, specifically in the areas of copyright law and licensing, music publishing, and general nonprofit law.  If you are an executive director or board member of one of these organizations, TLO should be on your side.  Contact us