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Entrepreneurs and startups: Do you know what your value proposition is? If not, watch this episode of Tuk's Rules to find out how to go about defining your value proposition.

In a significant and far-reaching decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employment agreements that require the arbitration of certain employment claims brought by employees on an individual basis will be enforced as written. Non-unionized employees may not band together to form a quasi-class action against their employer in an arbitration setting if the employment agreement specifically prohibits it.

Employment Agreements often have obligations that continue long after the employment relationship ends in the form of restrictive covenants. For employers, these covenants are a great tool to protect the company's trade secrets. For employees, these contractual provisions can have significant impacts on their livelihoods. Watch the entire video for more detail.

In any commercial transaction, letters of intent are a key part of the process. There are some important points that you should know in order to limit your legal liability and put yourself in the strongest bargaining position possible.

In almost 20 years of closing deals for clients, I've learned a few key rules about making the sale of your business as smooth as possible. For more information about my law practice, please visit: http://www.tuklaw.com/business-banking-law/ You can also follow me on Twitter @TukLawOffices and IG @tuklawoffices

On this episode, I provide a Copyright Law Update, talk about the GRAMMY District Advocate program, and answer a viewer question from the last episode. You can subscribe to Tuk's Rules on YouTube, OR iTunes for FREE. TLO is also on Twitter, IG and FB. Connect with me there.

When is your creative work no longer yours? This is an issue filmmakers, video production houses, writers, software engineers, musicians and a host of other creatives have wrestled with. Watch Episode 4 for the answer! You can follow Tuk Law Offices on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Social media enables us to learn everything that's ever been written and published. It also provides a great risk when people use it irresponsibly. In this episode, we talk about what defamation law is, and what steps you can take to stay out of trouble. Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel, and tell a friend.

This is a case about a rock band, a dubious and inflammatory stage name, and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It's also a matter of free speech, and the concept that speech - including offensive speech - is Constitutionally protected. There are a lot of hot button issues in this case.

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