Churches & Faith Based Organizations

The legal needs of Churches and Faith Based Organizations (collectively, "FBOs") are unique.  This is true whether the FBO is a long established congregation or is a newly planted Church firmly in startup mode.  TLO can act as either a project specific counsel or as an outside general counsel to help guide the FBO's legal compliance with a big picture point of view. 

TLO is well versed in the intricacies of marketplace ministry to help harness the entrepreneurial spirit to advance the mission of the FBO.  Sound business planning and strategic thinking is a huge asset to any Church or FBO that is pushing into new areas of business in support of the overall mission.    

There are specific exemptions relating to employment law and tax law that apply only to FBOs.  Advice on nonprofit governance, and the revision and management of the Church constitution and bylaws are also significant ways that good legal counsel can add value to the FBO.

Other typical areas of focus include:  

  • Nonprofit Governance
  • Copyright, Trademarks & Licensing
  • Church Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Real Estate Tax Exemption Issues
  • Employment Law
  • Franchising Law
  • Dispute Resolution