TLO in The News

Last week I was honored to be interviewed by William Childs of The Morning Call about arts education and the life skills that propel entrepreneurs and startups.  Below is an excerpt from the article: 

Creativity and music are intrinsically linked.
Our current educational model completely misunderstands the power of music and the role it plays in enhancing the lives of children. There is irrefutable evidence that indicates the introduction of music into a child's early development can ignite multiple areas of his or her brain. That, in turn, can assist in a child's overall growth and development.
Bryan Tuk, the owner of Tuk Law Offices and the CEO of Allentown JazzFest, agrees.
"I started piano lessons when I was eight years old. It was beneficial in that the intellectual engagement cultivated while studying music helped me in other subjects," Tuk said. "Also, the patience developed when learning a new musical piece made me more methodical in my other subjects."

You can read the full article right here.