Selling Your Business - Where to Start?

Whether you have built up your business over decades, or your business has developed quickly, selling a business can be a tricky process.  It may have taken you five years or twenty years, but either way, starting and growing a business to maturity is an all consuming proposition.

Many times, the sale of a business can set up your retirement if you can realize enough value from the transaction.  But how do you begin?

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Federal Judge Blocks DOL Overtime Regulations

The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal law that regulates, among other things, overtime pay for US workers. It has been a source of concern for small and big businesses that the US Department of Labor was set to enact - effective December 1, 2016 - a new rule which raised the salary cap below which workers must receive overtime pay from $455 a week to $921 per week (the "Overtime Rule").  In other words, the new Overtime Rule was about to make roughly 4 million more workers eligible for overtime: almost all workers who earned up to $47,892.00 annually. 

This rule applied to all organizations: both for profits and non profits. 

The compliance aspects of this were messy to say the least.  

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