A New Video Series: Tuk's Rules

Communication is so vastly different today than it was even 5 years ago.  In an effort to stay ahead of the curve and communicate effectively to the business leaders of today, TLO presents a periodic video series entitled Tuk's Rules, on the TLO YouTube Channel, which you can find right here. 

The videos are also hosted on the TLO Video page. 

Better yet, watch the most recent episode below for yourself right here....

When in Doubt, Don't Tweet It Out: Defamation & Social Media

The ability to publish your opinions to the entire world instantly is a powerful thing.  It can be very liberating, but can pose significant legal risks at the same time - especially when you are giving an opinion about specific person or business.  It has never been easier to defame someone, which could lead to significant legal liability for social media users who aren't responsible. 

Be sure to check out the most recent edition of Network Magazine, where my article entitled When in Doubt, Don't Tweet It Out is featured.